We are a 12 years young growing organization established in the Alternate Power Industry. Upon sensing the great demand for high quality, Uninterruptible Power Supply in the domestic market, a group of young, exhilarant, like minded professionals, decided to join together and invest their knowledge & expertise in an ambitious projects and SUNPOWER TECHNOLOGIES came in to being.

The result was world class UPS Systems capable enough to tame the wild Indian Power. The people behind are a group of Power Electronics Professionals from India and abroad. They are thorough professionals from Design to Marketing. Remarkably, Sunpower has shown significant growth under their leadership.

Although initially limited by capital & manpower, Sunpower's devotion & hard toil has made the company into one the leading brand names in the Indian market. Within 10 years, Sunpower has grown from a Small Business House to a large Business House.

Sunpower takes pride in the good repute that its Organization & Products enjoys in the Indian market Aggressively pursuing the Principle of Innovation, continuous update in technology & increasing sales performance, the future offers unlimited potential & possibilities for Sunpower.

Our Strengths
  • Promoted by Power Electronics Scientists Who Have More than 12 years of Experience in the Same Field.
  • One of the Largest UPS Systems Manufacturing Company In India since 1995
  • More than 10 Years of Operational Experience in major industrial cities
  • State of art in technologies.
  • Dedicated service engineers working passionately