We manufacture all kinds of power Safety Equipments.
  • Line Interactive UPS Systems
  • Online UPS Systems.
  • Solar power systems.
  • Static Transfer Switches.
  • Inverters.
  • Stabilizers.
  • Transformar
  • Software, etc..

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for PC & Server protection.

Stand-alone PCs, Networked PCs Servers Networking, Equipment, Telecom systems.

Connection of AC Powered Application to 24/48 Volt Dc Battery Banks

Enterprise networking, Telecom infrastructure, Data centers, Internet Data Centers.

Stand-alone PCs, Networked PCs Servers

Telecommunications, Data Processing, Building Management Systems, Railroad systems Switching, Microwave Communications.

Connection of equipment for voltage stabilisation application

Critical biomedical equipment, Centralised/Decentralised AC plant

To complement its UPS systems Power view offers power Management and communication software

Stand-alone PCs, Networked PCs, Servers, Networking Equipment, Telecom Systems, Data centers, Internet Data centers.

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and related systems for Enterprise protection.

Hyper Critical Multiple Servers, computers Rooms, Data Centres, Plant floors, Broadcasting& Telecom systems, Bio Medical Equipments

For Design, Manufacturing, marketing, Installation and servicing of Power Protection equipment.

Our products are certified by highly reputed test centers. The Department of Electronics, Govt of India (SAMEER) & Electronic Testing & Development Center (ETDC)after rigorous testing of our UPS has declared that Sunpower UPS meets stringent technical parameters & its technical performance is good. Our On- line Ups Systems is christened as SYMPHONY. We rolled out two Releases in the On-Line range UPS Systems. Version 3.0 is more innovative, advanced feature oriented version, than Version2.0. Both the models adhere to the same technical Specifications.

We produce Online UPS Systems ranging from 2000 VA to 150 KVA

98% of our revenue is from the sales of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems. Of which 85% of our revenue is accountable to on line market.